Buddy's Brass Shop now has the ONLY Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine on Long Island! In addition to cleaning we repair and replate, overhaul and generally take superb care of your valuable instrument.

We also buy and sell new and used instruments.

Ultrasonic Clean w/ Regulation Price List                                                                                                                                               


Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn                     150

Trombone bell only                                   75

Trombone bell & slide                               125

Trombone bell (w F attachment)              150

Bass Trombone bell (w/ 2 rotors)            160

French Horn Single                                   150

French Horn Double                                  175

Baritone/Euphonium 4 Piston                  175

Compensating Euphonium                       185  

Tuba 3 Piston                                              250

Tuba 4 Piston                                               275

Tuba 4 Rotor                                                300

Tuba 4 Piston & 1 Rotor                              300

Tuba 5 Rotor                                                330 

Sousaphone                                                200

  • Before & After Complete Overhaul with silverplating
  • Kevin Cordone's old Bach Strad with new Saturn Water Keys on Main & 3rd tuning slides. "Thank you Buddy for your master brass craftsmanship!
  • Bach Strad. with Saturn Water Keys on Main & 3rd Tuning Slides.
  • Old Conn "C" Trumpet before repair
  • Old Conn "C" Trumpet before repair
  • Old Conn "C" Trumpet before repair
  • Thanks Buddy. Great job, as usual. Bruce Engel
  • Thanks Buddy. Great job, as usual. Bruce Engel
  • I wanted to just write and thank you for the work you did on my three horns. My horns feel better than when I bought them and even my old Bach seems to have a little sparkle to it that it never had. Your attention to details on the all fronts is completely appreciated. After playing since 1988 and never having good slides or valves, I just thought my equipment was never as good as the other players. They just had a secret; they had there stuff cleaned and overhauled once in a while where as I had no clue. Anyway, thanks again for making my babies healthy. Job very well done.
  • Hey Buddy, Paul Mercieca Testimony. (Hofstra University Music Education Student) Thank you very much for everything! My Bach Strad came out fantastic! The ultrasonic cleaning system is safe, and did a fabulous job cleaning out my horn for the upcoming year! Pleasure to do business with you always, and you are my first recommendation to all the brass players out there! Sincerely, Paul Mercieca 
  • Kevin Cordone playing his overhauled/silver-plated Benje trumpet "Thank you Buddy for your master brass craftsmanship!"
  • "There is a noticeable difference after the Ultrasonic cleaning, the before & after photos were helpful, the horn plays great!" Jayson Santos
  • Damaged bell before
  • Repaired bell
  • Overhaul